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Events organized by Antiquity in the Americas are fundamentally collaborative and benefit from new and established relationships. This directory (which is currently being updated) includes a selection of those who have participated in our events and have sustained interest in our areas of focus and is intended to facilitate contact between those with similar areas of inquiry.

You may also reach us at antiquityintheamericas AT gmail DOT com.

Bernardo Berruecos Frank, UNAM, Mexico




Malina Buturović
NY -> NJ -> PA

Kathleen Cruz, Middletown, NJ -> Davis, CA

Linda McNulty Perez, San Antonio, TX/Princeton, NJ

Greek epic and lyric poetry, Pre-Socratic philosophy, textual criticism, reception of greek language and literature in the eighteenth century Mexico, the use of classics as a tool for imposing cultural models and for constructing national identities


Greek literature and philosophy, conceptions of the family, classical mythology in 20th century feminism's thought, art, and literature

Latin literature of the 1st century CE, literary depictions of violence and the body, classical reception in the Hispanic Caribbean and Latin America (esp. Puerto Rico)

Greek religion, epic poetry, conceptions of cultural identity, classical reception in colonial Mexico and the contemporary Borderlands

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